Nancy Goens 9/23

I can’t take her tirade, cussing, or harassment anymore. Contact me for her description via the contact page or comment here and I won’t post it. See earlier post referring to her arrest and conviction. She is not an attorney nor should you give her private information.

As a reminder:

Nancy was convicted of credit card fraud and elderly abuse as noted in my previous posts.  She has never shown any violence however, but it is important that you protect your personal information.  If you meet her, do not give her any opportunity or access to your personal information.  If she becomes aggressive or belligerent to you in any way, just indicate you are calling the police and she will probably back down.

If you have concerns or feel that Nancy has committed any type of crime, please report the information to the police or San Diego County Probation Office.  Nancy is on probation with San Diego County.  Case number:  313278.  Probation Office phone:   (858) 514-3148    Or, you may direct complaints to:  You may also contact Oceanside Police Department, Detective Kendall Sadler, who is well aware of Nancy’s history and public criminal record.

Taken from the official County of San Diego Superior Court, public record and obtained via the internet.goens case

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