A Comment about Nancy Goens 9/6

Message received on 9/6/13 at 7:42pm Central – names are not being posted but the information has been verified:

As a result of this very blog site, I was saved from any further theft and I say a heartfelt THANK YOU!! This email is dated 09/06/2013 and Nancy was indeed STILL working innocent and trusting people just like myself. I am paying this message forward so anyone like me will be “saved” from theft or worse. I got approaced by this person as a very concerned, caring, confident helper for my cat and from there it went to caring for my elderly mom . She went above and beyond the duties we agreed to pay her for. Nancy is therefore back in custody as result of her actions and once again it was only because of this blog site that I was able to retain this information. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Details from Gina:

Nancy’s arrest has been confirmed at this site.  As it updates, best to use this link to get the latest and greatest info.  However, since it will go away once a judgment is reached, I am going to post a screen shot so that if she gets out Nancy can’t call me a liar and fabricator of information to “slander” her.  Remember, Nancy is on probation and it appears that she has violated that as well as created new crimes, which are noted as a felony in this most recent arrest.  If you or someone you love have been in the care of Nancy, please check out your/their finances (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.) and contact the police if you find anything amiss.  In fact, if she had access to your house and ultimately your purse/wallet, you may want to call your credit card company and get new CC numbers to protect you from fraud.  Nancy has been known to copy down the CC number and use them later.  PLEASE check your cards for weird activity – if you see anything amiss – ANYTHING – report it.  Please, help protect others and REPORT ANY WEIRD CHARGES OR BANK WITHDRAWALS/ACTIVITY TO THE POLICE.

Nancy 9-5

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