What I Learned on Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Here are some quick lessons I learned this past weekend:

  • Relationships can have (really!) bad days, but love holds it together for the long haul
  • Texas spring heat can kick your butt, and yet it’s “only the beginning!”
  • Short hair IS much cooler!  AND, easier to get ready!
  • Children have a way of making you smile, deep in your heart, like nothing else
  • Just a tiny bit of throw up can close a huge pool down for the rest of the day
  • God answers prayers, even the ones you hope for yet are too stupid to ask for verbally
  • Being a workaholic is way, way overrated.  Taking a weekend off FOR REALS is very cool!
  • Just because you’ve been a baseball coach for years does NOT mean you know how to deal with kids, have integrity, or are a good role model
  • Just when you think your designation of someone being a psychopath was perhaps a bit harsh, the truth comes out, clearly showing your exposure to that fact was “just the beginning”.
  • If you don’t like our President, it’s easy to find ways to bitch about him.  But that’s okay, because Freedom of Speech is more important than respect.  And I am NOT being sarcastic.
  • While criticism of said President is okay, I wonder how many people who are upset about his lack of honoring the unknown soldier actually physically did something beneficial to anyone in the armed forces this past year?  It made me realize I haven’t.  I am just blustering with words.  I need to change that.
  • Debating for the sake of the debate does nothing to change hearts or minds.  And it certainly doesn’t help a recovering ulcer!
  • Losing weight actually rocks.  Doing it the right way (for me – by eating fresh food and eating smaller portions) – takes away the fact that I am “on a diet”, but has actually changed the way I want to live.
  • It’s an amazing feeling to meet two wonderful women, spend several hours with them and get to know them, only to realize later how very famous they are!  Their humble, accepting love for others and their God left no room for arrogance!
  • Going down memory lane fills places in the heart that still beat with love, while also reminds me that the loss will always remain.
  • I have been blessed to be part of two amazing lives, filled with honorable people, honorable bloodlines, and amazing history.  Thank you Mom and Dad.
  • I am very proud to be an American!

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