Baylor Regional Medical Center – Take Two

So, yeah, back here again.  Not the ulcer this time – apparently I have colitis!  But let me not bore you with those muddy details, I really need to brag on this hospital once more.  And let me say, I have my computer with my this time, so this is fresh, written right from my hospital room!

I cannot truly express in words how really awesome the staff is here.  EVERYONE I interact with seems to love their job, or at least communicate in a meaningful way that they enjoy serving me or my needs.  I am not exaggerating.  And, amazingly, the nurses often seem more like friends then, I don’t know, nurses.  Special shout out to Robin on the 5th Floor – you rock!  (Not to diminish the efforts of or my interactions with my other nurses, who truly rocked too, but Robin IS left handed AND was born the same year as me!  :))  “Holla!”

Also, special shout out to Housekeeper Antonia R – we had such a pleasant conversation today as she was nice enough to clean my room.  I know she was “just doing her job”, but in doing so she was pleasant, shared stories of her life, her time in Georgia, California, Texas, and her home country of Mexico – I have to say, I truly feel blessed by our interaction.  My life was improved by our interaction.  That may seem silly, but it’s true.  Again, more than I can really put into meaningful words here.

But the amazement doesn’t end there.  I seem to be more awake this trip to Baylor, so I can better explain how non-hospital like this place is.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I have a hospital bed (the mattress ain’t bad), I have IVs in my arm, there is a pitcher of water, etc.  That part is very hospital-like.  But really, that’s where it ends.  You see, this room looks luxurious.  It has crown molding (not TOO fancy, but a nice touch), nice cabinetry, a very trendy looking sofa that pulls out to a bed (NOT like the kind your mama had!), a recliner, and a nice table.  Plenty of storage space (closet, drawers), and a safe for valuables just like Hilton.  And, let’s not drop the technology – I have my Mac here, using their free internet wifi, and that in itself is nothing to ignore!

But there is more!  I mentioned in my earlier post that food here is ordered like room service.  I have not eaten yet this go around  (you know, the whole “liquid only” drill), but I just can’t ignore this is a fascinating change from what I am accustomed to.  And my educational background also suggests it’s a great business plan; not only are patients served what they really want, when they want it, but it also saves the hospital from producing food that is wasted.  Or, having people deliver food a set times that may not even be needed/wanted/allowed.  I don’t really have the metrics or stats to prove this, but in theory it seems like a brilliant way to do things!  And as a patient, I personally love it!

More services – the concierge desk.  I had a bit of “drama” last night, which made me think I didn’t want just anyone coming here, asking where I was, and visiting me.  You know what?  Robin (awesome, left-handed and very youthful nurse!) said, “Well, I will tell the Concierge to not give out your name!”  What?!?!  That is totally cool.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Deana spent the night the last time – a fact that totally amazed me.  It was no big deal and the staff rocked.  However, this time Deana could not spend the night due to other commitments.  She WAS able to stay until about 11pm with no fuss, another thing I appreciated.  But then, she shared that she was nervous about walking to her car alone, so late at night.  She asked Robin if there might be a security guard that could escort her to her car – right away, Robin called security and arranged someone to DRIVE Deana to her car!

Tell me, is that not 5 Star Service across the board?  I say it is.

I have no other Texas hospitals to compare Baylor to, but to me, this is the place to be.  Not that I especially WANT to be in the hospital, but since I am, this is the place to be!

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