I am having too much fun with this!

I was pointed to an amazing site – Church Sign Generator! It is so fun to mess with! I have been there for about three weeks, thinking of funny things to say, but coming up pretty short. So, suddenly, a quote attributed to my best friend hit me like a ton of bricks! Let’s see…..

I thought that was hilarious and chose to share it with Martin, who (at least in this case) shares my weird sense of humor regarding this quote! But alas, he raised the bar by sharing another person’s use of said site which has made me LAUGH OUT LOUD OVER AND OVER AGAIN! To see if you have a warped sense of humor as well, check out Church Sign Smackdown!

Have a great weekend, I know I will!

P.S.  I am very, very intrigued by the fact that I have a regular reader for FARGO, ND!!!  If you are comfortable, send me a comment – I won’t post it unless you say to, but I am curious how you found this site, what you enjoy about it, etc.  So no pressure……but yeah!

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