Okay, so I slept!

Yep, today has been a blur. I was awake from about 5am until around 11am, then took a “nap”. I woke up at 4:30pm, closed my eyes “for a minute”, and then again at 5:30pm! I feel much better but still have that weird “I just woke up” feeling. As I type, Deana fell asleep on the sofa so I am glad for her. Zack fell asleep on the sofa a few hours ago and he is still peacefully sleeping. In fact, I tried to wake him up to eat dinner and he ended up sleeping at the table. Sweet boy.

Even with the sleepiness, we were able to have some fun today!

Here Zack is in his new home showing that he still has his acrobatic talents!
Here is the first picture of Zack and Sophia with their cousins, Kenny and Josh!

Everyone has been getting along very well! The boys LOVE Zack and Sophia and love being older and helping them out. Kenny feels a strong sense of setting a good example for the kids and seems to be more mature almost overnight. He is also very loving and affectionate to both the kids (although Zack is more macho and would rather growl.) Josh has done a wonderful job of showing the kids around, sharing toys, playing with them, etc. As I type, Josh is playing with Sophia in the living room as they got penguins in their kids meals from Carl’s Junior. He sometimes gets frustrated, like when he told Zack “we don’t wear our shoes on the carpet” and then Zack walked into the living room! He needed to be reminded that the kids don’t really know English……LOL.

Okay, the boys and Steph are going into the jacuzzi now…..D and I are way too tired to walk all the way upstairs, change, and go outside! LOL we are so lazy right now! To be fair, D is still fighting a cold and I have something too although not as bad as D. So I feel okay that we are being out of character today because we’ve had fulfilled our “sentence” in Russia. I can’t say enough how wonderful it is to be back in AMERICA! I think everyone should go to another country like Russia to really appreciate how good we have it here.

Okay, I must go now…..to do nothing! What a concept!

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