Post Christmas Rantings

Okay peeps, I have been in a funk lately – first, lack of internet access, then a busy schedule, and then – honestly – no desire to write on this blog! I still sort of feel the latter, but because of YOU loyal readers, I am posting today!

First of all, Christmas was very different this year, but still nice. I am in Texas and have been having lots of fun with the boys, but it’s weird to be so far away from others who remain in California. But I still cannot forget how much I have to be thankful for in my life and rejoice in the Lord and what He has done for me – especially in 2007!

Also, if you want a few good laughs, go to the following site – make sure you click on all the links at the top of the page to see the four clips I have posted thus far:

Gina’s .Mac Site

Pray that I fight the illness that is rampant in this house! First Zack had it, then Sophia had it (and still has a bit of a residue of it), and now Deana has it. I have been keeping a low pro around everyone! I think it might be the flu, of which I received that hurtful shot at work, so maybe I will be okay!

Otherwise, things are cool, and I really mean cool! The high here yesterday was 40 – when I went out shopping it was in the 30’s!!!! As I type, it’s 38 degrees outside, cloudy, and seems as though rain could be eminent. The forecast doesn’t call for rain and I hope that’s true because I would hate for the water to freeze on the road! My phone shows it’s about 47 degrees in California right now, so maybe you are feeling a bit chilly yourselves!

Oh, I forgot a key piece of info to share! Last week my beloved Treo 750 started acting weird – the internet was not working and thus sucking the battery quickly as it searched for a connection. My phone calls wouldn’t come through, I would get tons of voice mails all at once, etc. I spent about an hour with AT&T trying to fix it (after about a week of dealing with this!), and they said it could be a SIM card or hardware (aka phone) problem. I went to an AT&T store and they confirmed it was NOT a SIM card error…..before wasting any more time on this phone – which I had loved so completely and which failed me in less than a year – I asked the AT&T dude if he had an iPhones in stock. Yep, they did. And I asked about the fees for wireless service, which turned about to be $20 CHEAPER than the service I was paying for my Treo! So, I took the plunge and bought it straight out!

Oh, and I LOVE the iPhone! LOVE IT! One funny moment….I was buying it and I asked, “Will this be compatible with my Mac?” (my Treo had not been). Then, about a second later, I said, “Oh wow, that’s a pretty stupid question, huh?”

Okay, I have to go work on my birthday movie – I spent yesterday editing the footage in prep for working on my final cut! Thanks to the help of Nathan Bettisworth of Sparkplug Productions who converted my mini dv tapes to my hard drive! He does EXCELLENT work! For this and so much more, check out his site at Sparkplug Productions!

One other key update – I am currently consolidating my “junk” and also finances. Yesterday I sold my beloved Sony Viao! Yes, this was the hearty machine that I bought about 2 years ago that has done so much for me…..with the flat screen LCD monitor, the dual CD/DVD drives, the huge hard drive…….but alas, honestly, I am now a Mac person. So this machine, as wonderful as it was, is now owned by a new person who will love and cherish it like I no longer can!

And that, my friends, is all have right now!

2 thoughts on “Post Christmas Rantings

  1. That was a great plug for Nathan’s new business. We had a few warm days here but now it seems to be getting cooler. I would say cold but I’m going to Chicago in a few days and have to suck it up that it is COLD there. Glad you could spend Christmas with family in Texas. Have a safe trip home.

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