Oops, Still No Recap?

…….and other confessions!

First, special shout out to Kate, who I imagine is dealing with much colder weather than poor little me in Dallas!  Thanks for taking the time to comment, my friend!

So, 2010 has taken off with a bang!  I have been working hard at the new job and loving it!  I had set a goal to be able to bill 10% of my time the first two periods, and one week in I am nearly at 20%.  For those of you who have worked with me, you know how important this is to me.  I have only needed to bug Joe two times and I am happy about that.  The person who has been a huge support to me, Cary, will be gone all next week at a client site, so I hope it runs as smoothly!

Over the new year I was battling the flu, however.  Tough, but at least I have three solid days to pretend to be alive as I laid in bed pretty much nonstop.  Hence, excuse #1 as to why I have not done the 2009 recap as of yet.

This weekend Kirstie is visiting and, therefore, I have not spent tons of time on my computer.  As I am still a morning person, I may be able to pull that off this morning as she sleeps away, but I make no further promises so I don’t fail here, too.

But ultimately, life is good…..even if it’s not perfect.  I still can’t trust some people to be loyal as they will invariably do the very things they promise they won’t; or rely on those whose love I thought would remain forever to last – but having said that, life is still good.  Deana is amazingly helpful day in and day out, my kids bring real joy to my life (but, clearly, I would love them and be blessed by them even if they didn’t), I am exceedingly thankful that I found a job that is amazing and that I love, and life is getting back into a routine.  And, really, once I realized that perfection is not required to reach happiness, the bells went off.  And I am truly happy.

On a side note, this closet techno-geek has been having a blast with her Sony Pocket Reader.  While I have been lusting over the Kindle for a really long time, it happens that Deana didn’t realize you had to buy it online……therefore, as time was running out before my birthday, she ended up getting the Sony version of the eBook reader.  She was concerned that I would be disappointed that it wasn’t the Kindle.  As it turns out, the Sony accepts various formats (as opposed to the Kindle) and I really don’t need a WiFi to download books (which the Kindle offers).  But more importantly, I have been LOVING having the eReader!  I have about 13 books downloaded, as well as several white papers and articles, and can switch between them anytime I want to!  I can throw the reader in my purse or backpack easily, and I have so loved it!  While on very few occasions I miss the feeling of the pages, I have fallen in love with the thing!  And I don’t want to suggest the Kindle is not amazing – I have never used it and really have no comment – but I have to say I really like the Sony version very much and am very thankful for the gift!  Thank you Deana and Kids!

One thought on “Oops, Still No Recap?

  1. haha, YAH! A shout out :)) This means I’m famous right? I can’t even begin to describe how cold it is here. I’m so glad that things are falling into place for you!!

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