There is MUCH to be happy about

Seriously, this IS Gina writing and I AM happy! And there are NO drugs involved! (LOL – seriously people, do you think I really REALLY take drugs???)

There are many reasons for me to be happy. Here are some of them:

The Angels Rock!

Kenny, my “little angel”, is too cool for words! AND he is about to turn 13!!!!

And my Josh, who has grown so much since this picture was taken in December!

And beautiful Kirstie that actually made it to her assessment testing yesterday. Cutting it to the wire, babe?

And besides my wonderful kids, I am very happy to have friends in my life that are truly caring and REAL! I have had some dreary days, but yet I am blessed beyond measure! I have reason to rejoice!

Gina OUT

One thought on “There is MUCH to be happy about

  1. Okay, so I guess I missed something about this being an imposter? Oh well!

    Love the pics of the kids – so cute! Can’t wait to see your Idol assessment this week now that Brooke is gone.

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