Inside Scoop on the State of Texas

Okay, so let me start by saying I don’t hate Texas.  In fact, I am loving that there is no freaking state income tax and that I haven’t paid above $2.60 a gallon for gasoline.  The fact that I love my job is cool, too.  So, first, let me share some more positives:

  • People are often more polite; when you talk to them, they are usually very kind and even gregarious.  Often, when you’re driving in neighborhoods, strangers wave to you as you pass by.
  • Parents have more say in regards to their children’s schooling.  And the schools overall are fantastically run.
  • Having gone to Zack’s school program last week, I am amazed at how proud Texans are of their state.  They pledge allegiance to the State Flag.  They even have a State Song that the kids know by heart!  Wow, that never happened in California!

But now, some insight that is a bit more negative.

  • Texas is weak in the whole “melting pot” arena.  I just don’t mean races (although, I have to admit, it is a LITTLE more diverse than I expected….), but more in other areas.  For example, in California you would see people wearing jerseys for all sorts of teams from all over the country.  Jets fan?  No problem.  Bears fan?  Bring it.  Here?  NO WAY!  You can’t even freaking BUY a jersey from a non-Texas team around here!  And let me tell you, being a Vikings fan can be dangerous in Cowboys territory!  It just was a little sad that there is SO MUCH tied around sports…..and I am not exaggerating – there is real hatred here towards anyone who doesn’t worship Dallas or Texas teams.
  • Texas drivers are MEAN!  Seriously.  And it’s not just because I have California plates – this happened when I was driving Mom’s car, too.  They make Valley and LA drivers look like wimps!  They tailgate, even when there is so much traffic you can’t do anything about it.  They cut you off.  They slam on their brakes.  They are just plain horribly mean!  Hard to align that with the happiness that is often shared when speaking with them in person.
  • I think there is a state law that you have to be republican to live here.  Not sure yet about that……

I have run out of time, but will try to add more details later.  And for those who are truly curious, I HAVE picked up a twang here and there, although I’ve been trying hard to avoid it!  The other day I was talking about work to Deana and I said something about missing milestones……she swears I said “milestones” like I’ve lived here my entire life!  I nearly spit my gum out!  Dang!

And, I would be remiss to not mention how wonderfully proud of the Vikings I am!  WHOOT WHOOT!  I sat here surrounded by Cowboys fans (although Deana was a Vikings fan, of course!) and was getting the trash talk thrown at me during the first 2 minutes of the game.  But, true to form, my team soon hushed that talk up with an outstanding performance!  I am so glad that I’ve stuck with them even through the lean years and I also appreciate Favre’s talent and strength – even for an old guy!

Next week will be tough – I have also enjoyed watching New Orleans’ year of success after a tough history.  I have rooted for them and hoped for the best.  But, I have to put my admiration aside – my love for the Vikings has been much deeper and longer and my loyalty lies with them!  I DO hope, however, that the game will be more enteraining than the stomping against Dallas!  Hee hee!

Okay, to those I haven’t mentioned by name, I miss you.  More later!  Gina OUT!

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