Why You Should Be Glad I Don’t Rule the World

So, fair warning – if you read this you will be reading another of Gina’s famous rants.  It doesn’t help that I am freaking sick AGAIN and I am tired!  But I am NOT cranky!

  • If you live in a region where the roads get icing, you should be thrown in jail if you tailgate.  Instead of getting a DUI, it will be a TWI – Tailgaiting while icy.  Automatic extension of your sentence of 30 days if the car you were tailgaiting was stuck in traffic – in other words, where the hell did you expect them to go?????
  • If you attend a children’s program at a school that has limited seating, rules will be enforced as such – if there are numerous adults (primarily women and grandmas, although not required) standing in the back, parents are required to put children 5 years and younger on their laps to open up seating.  Children over 12 must offer their seats to the adults and freaking stand in the back.  And NO children will be allowed to play their stupid Gameboys, with sound blasting, during the program!
  • If you are walking through a parking lot, cut through parked cars and walk briskly in front of a car that is driving and didn’t see you, you might get hit.  What happened to looking both ways before crossing?  You WILL be fined if you begin to cuss out the car that almost hit you.
  • People, especially men, who don’t even PRETEND to hold the door open for those walking right behind them, especially in inclimate weather, will be required to wear hot pink shirts for a week.  Even worse, men who expect WOMEN to hold the doors open for them (or OPEN it for them) will be required to wear pantyhose in addition to the shirt.

I just wish people would be a little more aware……and kind……but maybe I am just too much of a romantic.  Or a democrat.  You decide.

I need to get this butt ready for work, so Gina is OUT.  Shout out to my California friends, who I really miss right now.  I really miss the warm weather, too.  And I really miss the ocean.  But don’t tell Kenny that part – he is still mourning the fact he can’t surf.

Peace out (as Torie would say!)

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