The 5th Floor Women’s Restroom

So, I work in a 9 floor building in Dallas.  I actually work on the 5th floor.  Our office does not have its own restroom, but there are facilities on each floor for our use.  Since I work on the 5th floor, the majority of my “resting” is done there as well.

In the 4 or so weeks I’ve been at this job, and therefore as I’ve used the restroom, I’ve noticed some curious things!

  • It always amazes me to see the number of women who use the facilities and leave without washing their hands!  I mean, picture it – many are dressed very professionally (not that this should really matter), walk out of their stall, and head for the door!  I am sorry, but that really grosses me out.
  • Invariably, at least once a day, I enter a stall to find that the previous user hadn’t successfully flushed the toilet.  And many times the oversight included, shall we say, some special gifts!  While I understand sometimes that toilets don’t handle these situations to the best capacity, I usually make sure I have gotten rid of my little deposit before leaving.  ESPECIALLY if my deposit is……….a special one.  Maybe these ladies are talking on their phones, are distracted, want to leave before anyone notices any trace of the deposit they left, or are too focused on high-tailing it out of there without washing their hands – hoping no one will notice.
  • On a side note, the building I work in was built in 1955 and has worked hard at keeping the retro art deco decor throughout the building.  It’s kind of awesome, actually.  But it IS kind of weird to be surrounded by this neat retro vibe and seeing and using an automatic soap dispenser in the restroom!  Not that everyone uses it, mind you, but that at least leaves more soap for me!
  • I also notice that, for those ladies who DO wash their hands, about 37%** have a hard time getting their paper towels into the trash.  I have watched, with my own eyes, women toss it in the trash’s general direction, watch the towel fall to the ground, and walk off.  Wow.  (Yeah, I must admit, I even said that out loud one time as I witnessed the thing occur.)  I fight the urge to pick up all the towels every time I go to the restroom…..and feel sorry for the maintenance crew.  I have seen public restrooms in better shape on many occasions.

Alas, that is all I have to report at this time.  Hope y’all are having a great week.  And yes, I said y’all.  I’m in Dallas people.

Gina out

** That was not determined scientifically.

One thought on “The 5th Floor Women’s Restroom

  1. You will some women more disgusting then men when it comes to bathroom antics. I would love to see you do another post on odd (disgusting) things you find happen/not happen in the women bathroom. I have a slew of observations – I wonder if they will compare. Great post, have a super day!

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