What??? The Server is Down Again??? And Other Nonsense!

….and other rhetorical questions I ask at work lately!

So, a synopsis of how things have occurred at my work in relation to the recent server upgrade:

1.  Prior to the upgrade, 5 things didn’t work

2. The upgrade itself, which was to last “two business days at the most, and will be seamless to accounting”, actually took five business days, two of which accounting was unable to work.

3.  The five things that didn’t work?  Three now do.  Progress, right?  However, about 24 other items have now stopped working.

Presently, my vendor is trying to fix ONE of them so we can process payroll this week.  Sigh.  Can’t do anything for a couple of hours, which I fear will really mean the rest of the day.  But who am I to complain????

And since I’ve let my hair down to complain, I might as well add this article too!  Basically, if red meat (which I love, although have been trying to cut down on….) can kill me not only with cancer or heart disease, but myriad other ways as well!  Thank goodness this news was just published about insurance!

And sorry ladies, another sexy bachelor has tied the knot.  NOT.

And for those who love the bizarre, read this!  I wonder where she is getting the money to pay the nannies she kept?

Okay, you can probably glean from this post that I have nothing to do here.  AND I didn’t bring my laptop to work, so I can’t even work on my paper!  Dun dun dun!

But, alas, it IS a beautiful day!

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