When “Being Nice” Bites you in the Butt

Okay, so right now my garage is still filled with junk; stuff to unpack, things to donate, and storage. Because of that, I am forced to park on the street where I live. SUPPOSEDLY, there is ample parking because the CC&R’s state you must use your garage – with the exception of a period of time after you move in. LOL Had to throw that in to elevate me, right? ANYWAY, this is NOT the case as there are several neighbors that have FILLED garages…..worse than mine! So, to sum it up, parking is a bitch.

To further complicate things, the street in front of my house has areas that go in for parking. You just can’t park anywhere. Fortunately, there are two right by my house. Except, for the past two days, one caring and loving neighbor felt fit to park in such as way as to take two of the three parking spaces. Monday I was able to find parking in a different place, but yesterday the car was alone so I thought I would give it a shot. Since my car is not huge, I parked REALLY CLOSE to the car so that, in the event another small car came around, they could park there too.

Well, this morning, as I took Gracie out to potty, I saw a HUGE TRUCK parked behind me. And, to be legal, they needed to park REALLY CLOSE to me, too. So, in essence, I can’t move my freaking car. To make things even more comical, a car parked in front of the original “I took two parking spaces” car, (really, both “end” cars are outside of the allowed parking area) – so the car in front of me is stuck, too. I would have taken a pic but I was irritated with Gracie, who was too busy checking out the surroundings to poop this morning……

So……the question for today: Was I even “being nice” when I parked my car that way? Or was I just thankful to be able to park so close to my house?

And, do people even realize they are blocking me in? Probably not.

And, is this a sign that I should stay home from work?????

Whoa….I sense my complaining nature is getting more strength – better go shower and hope for a better attitude STAT!

And, to keep this blog hip and up-to-date, check out this article. I just don’t get it – I mean seriously, shouldn’t a firm that has lost billions of dollars and needs the government to bail them out be allowed to give their incompetent executives $50+ million in bonuses…..paid by you and me?!?!!?! After all, THIS IS AMERICA! Not!

Oh my, now I have the urge to question the whole “should the government bail out private firms?” thing! Or, “isn’t capitalism about taking the risk of making it or closing down? This bail out thing sounds a lot like socialism…..” NO! Fight it Gina, FIGHT IT!

Gina OUT!

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