Update on my Shoulder & Fishing Pics

Okay, today I went to my Orthopedic Surgeon……he is cool.  Kiarash “Kevin” Khajavi.  He is the one that had me have the tests that hurt so freakin bad but that showed what the deal is with my shoulder.  Last time we met, he said that I have two issues – strained ligament from my collar bone to my shoulder, and arthritis in the same place.  He suggested I wait a few weeks, take Ibuprofen in the am and pm, and hope the pain subsided.

Well, there wasn’t a marked change in the pain area and, quite frankly, this shoulder has really crimped my style!  So I was ready for a battle!  However, when I explained my position today, he gave me two options – cortisone shot or surgery.  I asked a few questions and pretty much said “I want this to be done” and he said surgery was the way to go.  He also mentioned I have bone spurs there or something, so that would be taken care of, too.  So I am having outpatient arthroscopic surgery on 11/25, where he will shave my bone a bit, clean up any other damage, and then I will be recovering.  I will only miss 2 or 3 days of work and the overall recovery time will be about 6 weeks.  I will need physical therapy to make sure it doesn’t lock up and HOPEFULLY I will be back to normal….well, as normal as I am!  I will let you know how it goes!  I thank God that my new employer was understanding about this whole thing and that it’s slow at work right now!

Here are some pics from the fishing trip we took this weekend!

Here is how the sky looked as we left the bay….


Here is Edgar and Kenny and Kenny relaxing:

s73f0617 s73f0618

Here is my Joshster:

s73f0624 s73f06331

Me and my friend Rita (ignore the beer in my hand……):


Here are some of our poor fish and the Newport Bay:

s73f0619 s73f0634

The sunset:


It was fun even though there was drama with the fires……..

2 thoughts on “Update on my Shoulder & Fishing Pics

  1. Beautiful photos, now that living! Good luck with your surgery. My neck has a pinched nerve which I’m starting accupucture for. Cooking has been hard to do, I understand your pain and frustration with your injury. God Bless.

  2. Dear Gina, I just read your post about your surgery tomorrow. I’ll be praying for you and for a quick recovery.
    I am sure you will do well with your therapy since you are physically fit and a very motivated woman. I love you.
    p.s. the fish in the pictures are so neat. Do you eat them or what? They don’t look anything like the fish around here.

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