Thank God for the Small Things…..

Okay, I could write paragraph after paragraph right now about how agonizing my day was at work. I won’t do that – not just because I have about 20 pages of paper to write tonight for school, but primarily because I feel the need to focus on the positive! So, let the fun begin!

~ Today, I have my own cable internet! This is GREAT NEWS! I had DSL through the owner of the place I lived for over a year, and it really sucked. And the last place I lived the signal came from the house…..I have no idea if it was DSL or cable, and remember I was in the converted garage. So now, I have MY OWN service, I have a new modem, and IT IS FAST! I am very happy.

~ Along with that, I also have cable television! While TV has never been the focus of my life, it’s great to be able to watch the news if I want. Also, we have a DVR, so I can record important things and watch it when/if I have time. Law & Order, here I come!

~ Many may not see or appreciate this, but I LOVE my drive to work! I used to love to drive through Brea Canyon, especially during this time of year with the green hills and clear skies. That is true for the Santa Clarita Valley, too. This pic doesn’t really do it justice, but I LOVE looking at this each morning:


~ I am happy with music. The longer drive has allowed me to, once again, have more access to the thousands of songs stored on my iPod. It has made me even more anxious to play again and maybe mess around with some more songs.

~ I am happy with my new digs. Quiet. Comfortable. Safe. NOT DAMP! Yes!

~ I am happy with Facebook – I have reconnect with so many people lately! I am very thankful that it works so well. I hope that some “old” friends find me or find it in their hearts to try being friends again. Wow, that sounds cryptic….SO not what I was going for!

~ On that note, I AM very thankful for my friendship with Nancy Goens. Thanks for being there!  (THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE!  I DRANK THE KOOLAIDE!)

Well, I could go on and on, but I DO have to get to work on the paper……sigh. I feel so unmotivated! Maybe I should pretend its this blog?!?!!!?

Wishing you the best! Gina OUT!

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