My Sophia

Here’s Sophia – she’s always moving so I have so many pics of her blurry!

Sophia is a joy to me! I love when she visits and stays close to me, which she does very well. She is practically glued to my sides sometimes and it is hard work AND fun at the same time.

Some things that I’ve taught Sophia the last few days:

Saying “Oh no you didn’t” with her hand on her hip

Saying “What’s your problem?” (I am such a good Auntie…..)

She has been practicing her letters on me…..she is learning lots.

I just love this little girl! She is so loving and loyal…..well, she’s way more loyal to her Mama than me! Even when I am pretending to beat Deana up because she’s tickling Sophia or something, Sophia will turn on me and say “Hey, don’t make my Mama cry!” She is sweet and I love her.

And Stepha, if you’re reading this, I am often called by your name. 😛

5 thoughts on “My Sophia

  1. She does indeed have fun with you! God has blessed her with awesome Aunties!

    Right now though she’s stuck on I LOVE AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sophia is so cute.
    and i can picture her saying oh no you didnt hahahahha.

    and i havent forgotten about your cookies =] (what kind is your favorite?)

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