Deana shared so now I can post! :)

If you haven’t seen Deana’s post, check it out by clicking the link to the right. Basically, she has a conditional court date – 8/22. It is conditional because the official document showing Sophia is able to be adopted has not yet arrived. However, Deana has learned that the Russian courts do not usually set conditional dates unless the odds are very good that the date will be met. So I am happy!

The tentative info is something like this – we leave on 8/18, with the time difference we arrive in Russia 8/19. Based on the first trip, I would imagine we will be very tired and sleep the first day and then do a little site seeing (aka, “free day”). Because there were no flights later, we probably will have another free day 8/20. Then we see Deana’s kids on 8/21 (three hour drive one way, here we come!). Then the court date on 8/22, go back to get the kids, and take an overnight train to Moscow.

I really don’t know the details from that point on, but I know we are scheduled to be in Moscow through 4/1.

Remember, this is still conditional so things might change. Deana is very sensitive to questions right now, but feel free to ask me what you think is appropriate and I will do the best I can to keep you up-to-date. As you can imagine, this has been a trying time for Deana, who was told more than once that she would have the kids by the middle of February. But God is good and has gotten her this far!

Drew bought Steph or Deana a CD-Rom that teaches Russian. Deana also has the language CD. We have been frantically reviewing both in the hopes of being able to communicate with the kids. Deana is so much better at this than me! But I figured I can still have lots of fun getting them hyper and laughing, etc. LOL

I also have been successful in rescheduling or coordinating my school schedule. I will have to drop a class through my Biola program, but can make it up in June or July. Since I am scheduled to graduate in December anyway, this has not caused me any stress. I am very thankful that there is some flexibility there. In fact, when I shared my concerns with my counselor at Biola, she basically said “let me take care of the school stuff, YOU focus on helping Deana!” She also told me she would be praying for us – how cool is that????? God is so good to share these blessings in my life.

Steph is more than ready to take care of my kids when we are gone. She has done a FABULOUS job being Nanny McStephanie so far and I am so blessed by her help! The boys love her to death and she loves them… fact, now I have to argue with her as well as Deana, as they both claim the boys are THEIRS! (At this point, Josh would say, “You guys, you need to share.”)

That’s it for now! I pray that anyone who reads this has a blessed day!

One thought on “Deana shared so now I can post! :)

  1. Hi Gina,

    I didn’t check the blogs for a few days, so I am thrilled that the CALL finally came. I prayed so much for Deana and the kids to be together the past several days. Love to you all.

    Aunt Kay

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