The Amazing MySpace Message!

Okay people, you will NOT believe this! Here a little story for you:

I am sitting at my beautiful card table, doing my homework, when I decide to take a little break. I go to MySpace and I have a comment! Said comment, from Stephanie P whom you might remember loves Justin Timberlake as I do, reads:

Sep 16, 2007 7:54 PM
Why aren’t we going to the freakin J.T. concert tomorrow night at the Staples Center??? What kind of fans are we?!

Oh my word, so I reply:

Sep 16 2007 8:13P
Holy crap! What the????? Oh wait, I think we are poor fans because I think Deana said the tickets were hundreds of dollars. Does that make us not totally in love with him?????

It was a nice diversion to my homework, it made me smile, but then it was back to the books. I think I might have gone to the bathroom or something because when I came back I see that I had a missed call. I called back the number, which I didn’t recognize, and I hear it is Stephanie! But my reception in my house sucks so I lose contact…..I seriously am thinking what the hell because Stephanie never called me before, so she had to have gotten my number from her mom, so it must be very important. So I am going all over my freaking house trying to find a spot where the phone will work.

Finally! So I get through to Stephanie – dun dun dun! She found tickets for $56 for Wednesday! Do I wanna go???? I pinch myself – am I dreaming? Is this for real? And what kind of question is that?????

So, bottom line, WE ARE GOING TO SEE OUR LOVE, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, ON WEDNESDAY!!!! The seats aren’t primo, but I guess they are by one of the stages “wings” so we will be very close I HOPE to my love. We do not care that we will be oldest women there (well, I am much older than Stephanie, but don’t tell!) But sometimes older women know more and can offer more, don’t you think??? LOL

And yes, we are both so excited we almost peed our pants! I so can’t stop fixating on the awesome fact that in TWO DAYS I will be seeing JT…….

And for those of you who don’t understand our excitement – well, I guess you just don’t understand!

And message to Deana – I STILL want to see the concert on HBO so it better be there when I come to Texas at the end of this month!

3 thoughts on “The Amazing MySpace Message!

  1. Okay – this is great!! where are the other 2.89 readers and what about their enthusiasm for this fantastic event!

    I am so glad that you get to be with your love on Wednesday!! Whoohoo!!

    Lori šŸ™‚

    P.S. I know that with this excitement going on you didn’t think much about Andrew – did he drop the class ye??

  2. Well, Gina, your dream has come true! Maybe he’ll propose!

    Good luck – are you gonna go shopping and get a new outfit? šŸ™‚

  3. i can sooooooo see you running around the house trying to find signal….

    “crap no signal……still no signal…..nothing….SIGNAL WHOO HUUU!”

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