Quotes of the Week

They are back and on track!

Conversation online with Deana:
G: yeah, but it has a nice dramatic ring to it
D: and you are so not dramatic – strange

“The Reward for a Job Well Done is Having Done It.” Anonymous (or forgotten who said this), repeated by Deana, who randomly pays her kids allowance for chores so they don’t expect to get paid for everything.

“I’m working on my five year plan. I just need to choose a font.” As heard on TV by Deana

“People who steal suck.” Gina, the day her iPod was stolen

“I would lick his sweat.” Either Stephanie P or Gina at the Justin Timberlake concert

“Are you going to use your strap on?” Mary to her daughter Victoria, who was referring to the strap on baby carrier.

“Don’t ever say that to me again” Victoria, to her mother Mary, as she put on the baby carrier.

“Ouch!” Gina, after Liz hit her several times in the arm

“You shut your mouth!” the worse cussing I’ve heard Liz say….okay, so I provoked her a little.

“God Bless America!” another unique and colorful pseudo cuss phrase from Rona

“Buy the iPhone” Heather, who is not completely objective in her suggestion

Danielle: Do you remember the name of David’s General in the Old Tetament?
Kurt: It’s in the Bible

“I am here just for Stephanie and Gina – I love them.” Justin Timberlake while performing at the Staples Center. Um, or maybe I was dreaming.

That’s all I have this week – sorry if I missed you but there’s always next week!

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