A Lot about Nothing

No real comment about the pic, other than I miss everyone in Texas! I am visiting this weekend, however, so that is good! Woohoo!

Okay – update on Romans…..I have about 80 questions left and time is ticking! I have my last Acts class tonight so won’t have much time there to do it for those four hours! But I WILL MAKE IT!

Job Class – it is finished just waiting for the final grade. YES!

Work – need to find a job in Texas and it’s kind of bumming me out. There have been changes at my present work that are good, but they also make me sad. Hard to explain…..

Spent the night at Mom’s after having done my laundry – Gina is a little sore from sleeping on the love seat but happy to have clean clothes!

Jerry is moving to Texas today or tomorrow. I have moved in with a friend so that I don’t have to stay in that big house all by myself! I will check it out on the weekends.

I am still sad about my iPod but am amazed that I haven’t done anything radical, like buy an iPhone or new iPod! It helps that I will be visiting Texas this weekend and Deana will be giving me hers. But seriously, I usually don’t need much coaxing to buy new technology! SORRY HEATHER!!!!

Yesterday at work I was speaking to a CPA for a ministry I was working with. I shared my name and the man said, “You mean like the Jena Six?” Oh my word, how do you reply to that?????

Even better, Liz was talking to another ministry and was told that the delay in providing info was because the Pastor had had a colonoscopy! And that “he has had issues” or some sort of comment! TMI people!

On that note, I feel compelled to share that Liz has a very hot husband, who is obviously so very fortunate to marry such a wonderful woman! Jim U. begs her to annul the marriage and marry his son…..

Well, that’s all I got right now……must get ready for work! Tell me, why am I so unmotivated all of a sudden???? Not sure. But Gina doesn’t want to get ready for work.

And that, my friends, is a lot about nothing.

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