Quick Update about the Concert

Okay, just the short version for now:

~ Yes, Justin has definitely brought sexy back!

~ Justin dances and my heart skips a beat.

~ The concert itself was very entertaining, high energy, and worth every penny!

~ I got home last night at 2am and slept very late – 7am! I am a little tired and even cranky today, but again – it was worth it. I am very thankful to the Lord who got me home safely – there were many points in the drive that I cannot recall today!

~ Special thanks to Lauren who started this whole thing and Stephanie for making it happen – I will never be the same again! Seriously, I was in the same building as Justin!!!

~ No, Justin did NOT take his shirt off, although he DID lift it near the end of the show.

~ Special thanks to Lori for bringing in my favorite Starbucks coffee this morning, along with “Justin’s Favorite Fan” written on it! Kudos to Wanda for helping her remember my special mix!

~ Thanks to everyone who allowed me to recount the evening, especially Gina #1 who sometimes allows me to walk a bit on the naughty side (well, she only yells when I get REALLY naughty!)

Tonight, it’s homework and LOTS OF SLEEP!

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