No Quotes yet….or maybe not this week

Well sorry peeps! My schedule is a little whacked this week and, well, truth be known I am kind of in a sadness mode today. Here is why…..well, let me set it up for you.

Yesterday I was very, very tired! After two nights of not much sleep, I ended up being kind of in a fog by the time I left work. I needed to go to the store though, so on the way home I stopped. When in the parking lot, I said “Okay, I can’t leave my iPod out”. I put it in the center holder of the car (why not my purse, not sure). I also did NOT put away the iPod adapter cord that I usually hide. I go into the store for about 10 minutes tops.

I come back, put my groceries in the back, and get in the car. When I opened my door it felt weird, like it was not closed all the way. A thought popped in my head and I look in the center holder… iPod!

I will spare the frantic searching details at this point. Who knows if they grocery workers who were taking a break outside when I arrived saw me and my iPod and took advantage of my stupidity. Who knows if I left my freaking car unlocked because I was so tired (there was no damage to the car). THANK GOD my backpack with my beloved Mac was not taken from the back of the car!!! (That is a huge positive). Freak.

So, my beautiful iPod with its 4,000+ songs has been taken from me. I feel violated and stupid/foolish mostly. I NEVER leave it in the car and this was not a good time to start. But anyway, I am sad. Deana said that I can have hers which is nice, but I am still sad. Sigh.

People who steal suck.

4 thoughts on “No Quotes yet….or maybe not this week

  1. The quote of this week:

    “People who steal suck” Amen!

    I’m sorry that had to happen… it does stink. I’m just glad to know YOU are ok, tho, and that no other damage or theif-ery! May they be cursed… whoever they are.


  2. Someone stole my purse out of my car once and I still feel violated! I know exactly how you are feeling – people who steal DO suck.

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