intimacy |ˈintəməsē| noun ( pl. -cies) close familiarity or friendship; closeness : the intimacy between a husband and wife.

• a private cozy atmosphere : the room had a peaceful sense of intimacy about it.

• an intimate act, esp. sexual intercourse.

• an intimate remark : here she was sitting swapping intimacies with a stranger.

• [in sing. ] closeness of observation or knowledge of a subject : he acquired an intimacy with Swahili literature.

Gina has been thinking about intimacy lately. One of those quiet thoughts that go rolling through your brain over days, maybe even weeks, hinting at perhaps forming a complete thought…..but not quite breaking the surface. Well, yesterday it “came up for air” and I pondered this at a more intense level.

For me, my first thought of intimacy is related to “an intimate act” – and sacred…..and far from me. And that’s cool. But I think intimacy goes far beyond that and feeds our souls apart from that. Not to limit intimacy or exclude this specific type, but there is so much more to it……

For example:

Sharing a hurt with a friend in confidence – a hurt that is so deep and so real that you haven’t even articulated it to yourself in years. That is intimacy.

Laughing conspiratorially with a co-worker as you are about to shoot rubber bands at the Director of your department.

Letting people into the personal aspects of your life in general; like sharing how it feels to be 1,500 miles from your kids and what I am going to do about it.

Laughing so hard with people that you almost wet your pants. (There’s a story here that will not be told today, right Amy????)

Singing to Sing Star at the top of your lungs, not even CLOSE to sounding like the next American Idol, but having a blast anyway.

Letting down your guard, especially as a “good Christian”, and showing your weaknesses; anger, disappointment, etc. Yes people, this “Godly woman” cusses on occasion, damn it! LOL

Talking on the phone with your best friend each night, downloading the day, sharing your laughs/frustrations/boring details.

Friends that know your deepest, darkest secrets, yet love you anyway.

Even talking about Van Halen with your co-workers, to a certain extent, is intimate!

Resonating with others at work who have gone through divorce – sometimes hard to do when you are in a Christian atmosphere – and feeling peace that they accept your circumstance, and even understand your pain or frustration.

Posting about intimacy on a blog……

While I am not sure I am conveying the thoughts that have been rumbling through my brain, I guess the main point is that we are surrounded by intimacy. For me, at this time in my life, this is truly awe inspiring!!!! While I may not have “an intimate relationship” as I have usually defined it, I am surrounded by intimacy that warms my heart, encourages my spirit, and feeds my life.

And to those of you that read the above and remember the times to whichI am referring , THANK YOU!

3 thoughts on “Intimacy

  1. I resonate with your thoughts of intimacy… you touched my thoughts with yours today. I so appreciate the “nerves” you hit with your thoughts – It’s a special reinforcement for me today… sometimes there is such a depth – it’s good to know you are so good to articulate those feelings when others cannot do so as well. You are one special woman indeed! CatWoman

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