It’s Thursday?

In the short months when I have been back to work, I had forgotten how the days meld together when you aren’t working.  It surprised me to realize that today is THURSDAY!  Wow.  I used to live for this day before as it meant tomorrow was Friday and I would have a two day reprieve from the crap at work!  LOL  Now I just think, “wow, Rita and David will not have to go to work in a few day!”

Speaking of work, Rita went into work at like 4am this morning!  Just the reality of owning your own business can be hard work!  Well, to give Rita some credit, she is a hard worker 100% of the time and one of the most fair owners/bosses I have witnessed in my long life…..

So yesterday I went with a friend to finally see the movie Twilight.  You may remember from earlier posts, Kirstie got me hooked on the book series this past summer – she read the first 3 books (over 1,500 pages) in like 4 days and then pre-ordered the 4th book.  She likes to read, but this was very unusual for her.  So, me being into books and all, decided I would check it out, too.  And they ARE good books.  In fact, forgive me for being lazy, but I will update my book review page, hopefully today.

Anyway, I usually hate when books are made into movies……not sure that is fair, because obviously books are a different genre and can express emotions/thoughts/feelings so much better than can be expressed in film.  Even still, I usually am very disappointed with films based on books I have read.  I disliked The Notebook very much.  The Other Boleyn was another disappointment.  So I went into this movie, although excited to be finally seeing it, with low expectations.

It’s important to note that the characters in Twilight were well developed by the author, and I have to state right away, the actors who portrayed them in the film did an EXCEPTIONAL job.  Too often I see different people there, but that was not the case with this film.  (And again, remember I am a little bit of a snob in this area.)  And, although this was a low-budget, independent production (which means bad editing and some footage looked like Mom did it with the family camcorder), the film stayed very true to the book.  While every detail is impossible to touch on, and there were a few awkward points were non-readers may miss some key info, overall it was VERY well done and held my interest throughout the film.  I think this is worth your time and money to see, and I even plan on buying the DVD when it comes out next year!

So today I am working on homework – LOTS of homework!  It’s the last week of my class and there is a big Final Team Project due!  I am meeting with my team online tonight – the members are in Carson, Chicago, and New York.  It’s interesting, this online MBA program!  I must say, the caliber of the Kaplan classes are VERY good and they truly challenge me!  MUCH better than the university I was last enrolled in for my MBA!  I am happy to report that I currently have 97.56% in the class….whew.

And, for those curious to know – NG’s average of reading this site per day remains right around 5.

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