Sunday – aagghhh!

It’s hard to believe that next week is Christmas!  So much has been going on in my life, that little piece of info seems to have been lost in the shuffle!  Rita and I WERE able to get a few items earlier in the week, but not much!  Today I ordered some more gifts for the boys from and hope to pick them up later today.  I have a few more items to get on my list……hopefully I can knock them out today or tomorrow!

I also spent a large amount of time yesterday and this morning finishing up my portion of the Final Project for my latest MBA class.  This included sharing my team’s business plan and results from our simulated business.  I actually enjoyed this class very much – way better than Statistics!  I have learned much to use in my career and look forward to – hopefully someday – opening a business with Rita.

The kids are doing pretty well.  I spent the night at Edgar’s Friday – it was not planned.  I had a team meeting at 7pm on Friday and there was no way I’d get home in time for it.  I also was meeting with Edgar after my physical therapy session to take care of some other items.  The meeting with my team lasted MUCH longer than I expected, ending at around 10pm.  The boys, especially Josh, were anxious for me to spend the night, so I did.  It was fun hanging with them, and I even got to see Kirstie when she got home later that night.

Josh woke me at 7:45 in the morning and we were able to eat some donuts together, thanks to Anita’s early outing to get them!

Kenny, Josh, Rita and I (and maybe Kirstie if she’s interested) are taking a ski trip from the 31st through the 3rd.  We are all very excited and, fortunately, PT has been good enough for me that I can ski too!  I might be a little tentative, but it will be fun to be out there with my boys and Rita.  I can’t wait to see Kenny snowboard and Josh ski!  They took several lessons a couple years ago and they were getting pretty good….hope they remember how to do things!  It’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN and hopefully the beginning of a new tradition.  And it will be interesting if I actually STAY AWAKE for the new year instead of sleeping and getting up moments before midnight…..LOL.

Okay, I am taking off now….have lots to do… watching Terms of Endearment!  Wait, where are the tissues????

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