Church is not for everyone….

Imagine yourself sitting in the pew (or nice, cushioned chair) in your church. Maybe your church is very small and older, or maybe it is a newer mega church with auditorium sitting. Either way, you are there – can you imagine it? For me, the best thought I have is when our Pastor has a call for anyone to come forward and accept Christ – when he does that and when someone responds, I can’t help buy cry (it’s true, I am a baby!)! Another sister or brother in Christ! Amen!

So, back to imagining yourself sitting in church – who would you want to come to the service?

  • An embezzler?
  • An alcoholic?
  • A druggie?
  • A divorcee?
  • A murderer?
  • A sinner?

I hope your response was YES to all of the above. I mean, we should want everyone to come to church to learn and know Christ. Heck, if I take the bible to be true, I am no better than anyone else EXCEPT I am saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. Anyway, most people I talk to wholeheartedly agree that we should expect, even WANT them there…..To be touched by those who have found the peace, love, and compassion of Christ.

You agree? Right on!

However, this is the place where I lead so many – and lose so many. Add to the list homosexual and many of my Christian brothers and sisters run like mad. “You would want those people in church?!?!!? Unbelievable!”

I want to scream – HELLO! Sin is sin is sin. Why do Christians, Evangelical especially, hiss and moan when this sin is mentioned. Why is that? Why is this sin one that we don’t want Christ to heal? Why don’t we PRAY for homosexuals to run into our churches to find salvation? Why can’t we, as a community, embrace these people and show them the love Christ poured out to so many sinners – to sinners like us????

You might say that this sin of homosexuality repulses you – that it is an abomination. I don’t dispute it. However, do you embrace murder? Do you rejoice when a fellow human is slave to alcohol or drugs? I think not. So why can’t you pray and seek peace for gays?

You may be wondering why I am writing this. I am sick and tired of so many hurting people in our world being afraid of coming into the house of the Lord because CHRISTIANS scream at them, show them no love, and make church the last place in the world they will go. I could even claim that many Christians straight out show hate to these people.

Today I read an email written by a homosexual – this young person was writing about ending their life because they were tired of it. They didn’t want to be gay, but they had nowhere to go for help, LOVE, and COMPASSION. They felt rejection, contempt, hate…..

And I say – shame on me, shame on you, shame on all these churches that ostracize homosexuals. Sin is sin. Damn it – we can’t be selective and not reach out to ALL sinners. I am so glad I didn’t make the “black list” or else I’d be damned to hell.

I, for one, am changing my ways. We need to love. Read your bible – God said it much better than me.

2 thoughts on “Church is not for everyone….

  1. I received that same email and was deeply moved by it. I find it to be so surprising that the very people that hold the key to turning her life around won’t have anything to do with her. And, that is putting it lightly. It is more like they abhor anyone who claims to be or lives the lifestyle of a homosexual. It is insane! For some reason this is the unpardonable sin! Where in the Bible is that found? Does not the Bible list many sins that are an abomination to God? I mean come on simple theology tells you that God is love. How do you get around that? You can’t! Yes, He is also just, but isn’t He also forgiving?

    Where do Christian homosexuals go to worship God? Does that question surprise you? Do you think that homosexuals can’t be Christians? What Bible states that? What Bible says that there are levels of sins? Oh, it’s habitual you say? What about speeding each and every day? What about your habitual use of foul language? What about your constant overeating? What about your daily white lies? HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT THE ONLY HABITUAL SIN!!! Let’s get logical!

    I have a niece who IS a homosexual and has a life partner. I take GREAT offense to the hate spread in the church!!!! Before you jump to conclusions, she was not abused as a child. She did not come from a single-parent home. She had a very normal upbrining with a mom and dad who loved her very much and still do. She had a grandmother that took her to church and told her of God’s love. She even tried dating guys. She IS who she IS. She can’t change it, and I can tell you she has tried. The tears have been many.

    The killer is that she doesn’t know Christ and she probably never will because no matter how much I tell her that God loves her and wants to have a relationship with her, she won’t believe me because of the disdain with which she has been treated by Christians – add to that the hate she sees on the television and in the news and I am swimming upstream trying to share the TRUTH of Christ with her.

    Jesus was not a HATER! He did not pinpoint one sin and segregate people from Himself. God is as much for homosexuals as he is for liars! He is all about forgiveness and changing lives! But, how can He change the lives of homosexuals when we Christians won’t let them near us or our churches?

    Where can my niece go to find Christ? Where can my friends niece go to find help when she is suicidal? Who will be a vessel to reach out to these people? Who will love them as Christ does? Who will get rid of their fear and embrace a people who are in need of Christ? LOVE can conquer unrighteousness, but LOVE is an action not a judgement!!!!

    Come on people figure it out! You are not better than someone else just because you are culturally “normal”!!! They are who they are and until you have someone in your very own family who struggles with this sin, you will never know the pain that is brought about by a community of Christians who spread HATE and FEAR!!!!

    Go to the well…offer them water…see their sins for what they are…look past them…offer them something to quench their thirst!!!! Then pray that God will rescue them through you!!!!

    The fields are ripe…

    Go ye therefore and teach ALL…

    Beloved let us love one another…

    Love your enemies…

    Overcome evil with good…

  2. I agree, Gina. We shouldn’t welcome sinners selectively. If we were all honest about ourselves, sometimes I think we would not want to see someone sitting in the pew next to them like I would be without Christ. We err when we try to place people within a sin hierarchy, or to determine which of Dante’s 7 levels of hell they belong in. Let God deal with their sin, and let us be a light in their dark world.

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