Dogs are sneaky, too!

So yesterday I decided to actually take a shower, since I was home and being lazy. The shower is off of Rita’s room and usually Gracie follows me and hangs there. Nike usually is more independent and doesn’t follow, and he NEVER gets up on her bed because it is too high. The first thing that happened was this – Gracie barking at the stuff animal…..


(notice the pink piece in her mouth?)

And then I heard Nike come investigate the barking – he is a big boy, so you hear when he enters the room.  Then Gracie seemed to be barking at him for support:


I got tired of trying to make her stop barking and went to dry my hair……the next thing you know…….


(yes, they are kissing in the first pic)

So, I had a good laugh and Nike didn’t really need that much help getting off the bed (which IS very high! and, at his size, he is not the most graceful dogs around…..).  I warned Rita that she may be very crowded during the night!  LOL  But I SO love these dogs!  They are so sweet!

Okay, might share the boys’ hair trims later, but for now I need more coffee.

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