Okay, in a frenzy!

Today started EARLY……leaving soon to see Zack’s baseball game.  I haven’t been to any of his games, so I am looking forward to it.  And, I am bringing Gracie!  Woohoo!  Would’ve liked a few more hours of sleep, but alas…..

Also have TONS of homework!  What else is new?

Okay, have decided on going to the Huntington Library AND The Getty Villa (thanks Mickey for reminding me about this one!).  Anyone want to come?  For the Villa, you have to get “tickets” (which are free) ahead of time.  I really want to see the Lincoln Exhibit at the Huntington Library!  I am a history buff and Lincoln is one of my favorite Presidents……Anyway, seriously, if anyone out there wants to tag along, let me know!

I think the next boring post will include a description of my new digs, and maybe pictures.  It is very roomy and comfortable, and the neighborhood ROCKS!  But for now, I have to run!

Wishing you all a pleasant day!  Drop me a comment once in a while!

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