American Idol – Boys Night

Lee Dewyze – okay, I love the song he sang.  I listen to it almost everyday on the radio.  And my reaction?  He screwed up a song I love.  There, I said it.  Dude, you sucked.  Sorry.  Although, apparently, the AI Judges see things differently.  😦

Alex Lambert – excuse me, do I need to clean out my ears?  So far, both boys so far seem to be singing in the key of y.  Sorry Alex, maybe I’m still irritated with Lee, but I didn’t like your song AT ALL.

Tim Urban – first, what is the deal with your hair?  But, your guitar playing is good.  And wow, you are singing IN KEY!  I actually liked what you did with the song…..a bit different.  You get a thumbs up.  But I didn’t have a David Cook moment…..sorry.

Andrew Garcia (5704) – he has been high on my like list so far this season.  He has his own style.  Wow, Genie in a Bottle?  He looks so RELAXED!  He sounded SO GOOD!  His stylings are his own!  I have nothing to say other then I loved it!  But, of course, the judges just didn’t see it.  I have no idea what they’re seeing tonight.

Casey James (5705) – okay, he’s cute.  I give him that.  I was not sure about his song choice – Keith Urban is a fav and well, has big shoes to fill.  But I have to say, even though he had a few pitch issues, I think he did a pretty good job – especially with tonight’s fair.  He has a nice, natural voice.  But, alas, he hair was bugging me.

Aaron Kelly – I have to get this off my chest…..his eyebrows bug me to no end.  But beyond that, it would have been nice if just ONE NOTE was not in the wrong key!  If I had the remote, I would have muted that sucker!  I expect the judges to have loved him……

Todrick Hall – GREAT start to a classic song!  Then, as the lights turn on and the background singers get projected on the big screen behind him, I have no idea what the hell came out of his mouth!  There were admitedly some good parts in this song, for sure, but many that were BAD.  I don’t know how to process that.

Michael Lynche (5708) – “Big Mike” and a high voice…..hmmmmm……but it was soothing to my ears.  His suit was a nice touch.  I really didn’t resonate with the song he sang, but his voice was nice.  And he has a nice stage presence.  That mike looked tiny in his hands!  Wow, and the judges saw it too!  Are the planets aligning??????

Notice the names with the numbers – if you are reading this within 2 hours of the end of your broadcast, I’d appreciate it if you’d vote for them.  🙂  Because I have a problem – my cell phone is a California number and in PST.  But I am living in CST, two hours later.  So, AI won’t accept my vote after I watch the show and I am NOT staying up until 11pm to vote!  So, help a girl out!

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