American Idol Final Week….

Once again, I am writing this as the show airs……I am SO EXCITED!

Song 1

David C – omw I loved his rendition of the U2 song! He still hasn’t found what I was looking for, but I have found a new idol in DC (sorry Justin!)

David A – Elton John is one of my favorites, my friend says he “did more unique things with the song”. I think he did a great job, but maybe I am biased to DC. Dang it, Simon gave first round to DA and now my friend is texting me nanner nanner points! Dang!
2nd Song – neither song really jumped out at me, but I preferred DC’s rendition. DA’s just seemed boring to me. But yet again Simon overruled me! (Yep, still getting nanner nanner texts…..)

3rd Song – I am done saying the sang dang thing!

All I can say is, VOTE FOR DAVID C!

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