An Amazing Weekend……

It has been a non stop weekend! Let me start from the beginning so you can get a good sense of it.

Oh Friday Kenny ditched school and I was off of work. We started by talking about the day – a birthday pre-celebration with just me and him. Over coffee, we came up with a sketch of the day’s game plan.

  • First we went to Denny’s to have a hearty breakfast. I had my usual Moon Over My Hammy, and Kenny has Chicken Fried Steak and eggs. It was a pleasant breakfast, slow paced, and we had plenty of time of visiting.
  • Because it was only around 10am, I told Kenny that I needed to run an errand. What he DIDN’T know is that the errand was to get him a new cell phone. So we drove to the AT&T store and he was VERY excited when he realized why we were there. He picked out a cool Sony phone and we were on our way.
  • Then, the highlight! We went to K1 Speed, an indoor kart racetrack. It was SO FREAKING AMAZING! Truth be told, I was a little scared at first because the karts go up to 45 mph, way more fast than the karts at Boomer’s, etc. So the first race I was a wimp and Kenny was zipping around the track with no problem. When I FINALLY got the hang of it and began to catch up with him, the race was over. So, of course, that meant we had to race again! So we did and it was SO FUN! One time Kenny spun a little and I almost crashed into him, but ended up spinning out to avoid him. It worked out though because he spun out right after so we still were close. LOL We are now addicted to this!
  • Then, we went to see Iron Man, which worked out because we got there just in perfect time for the next showing. It is actually a good movie! We had fun and he was very sweet to me, holding my hand (but don’t tell anyone!)
  • Then, we headed to Guitar Center where we jammed on drums, bass guitars, and guitars. He loved that more than I thought he would!
  • We then headed home to hang out, play video games, etc. It was AWESOME! Here is Kirstie getting in on the fun!

Saturday continued the fun as it was Kenny’s actual birthday, he turned 13!

  • We started by having a family breakfast/lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Here they sang happy birthday to him.
  • We then hung out at home talking about Kenny when he was born, little, funny stories he has created in his life, etc.
  • We then went to Game Stop to buy him a video game and I got two games for CHEAP as well!
  • Then Kenny and I just hung out having fun. It has been COOL!

Now that it’s Mother’s Day, I am being lazy and I am enjoying it! We are going to dinner tonight as Kirstie has to work today! Doh! But to all the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

One thought on “An Amazing Weekend……

  1. Sons are great at that age! I’m happy that you had a much deserved weekend of fun and rest. Christie beautiful! I glad Kenny have a very cool Birthday with a very cool Mom!

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