Proof that I am Italian…..(UPDATED)

…..and other reasons I am slapping my forehead! (NOT to diss my Italian relatives or heritage, but you’ll understand in a minute!)

Italians stereotypically have big tempers. I have manifested this trait once or twice in my lifetime. (Well, maybe more than that!) However, I have ALSO learned that doing so often messes things up or at least doesn’t really help the situation! Case in point, check out my knuckle after I decided to punch my steering wheel:

(UPDATE:  However, upon further reflection, I admit that perhaps this can’t entirely be blamed on my Italian temper!  My Dad, who is NOT Italian, once hit something and busted his hand open pretty bad.  So, I apologize to my Italian relatives who are currently calling Cousin Guido to help shut me up……..)

Fact 2: I noticed the problem today mostly because I NEED MY HANDS TO TALK!  (UPDATE:  This IS entirely an Italian trait…..)

Fact 3: I am very talented, beautiful, and intelligent……oh, and modest!

There you go, Gina out!

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