Update on poo poo and other messes

Okay, interesting title, huh? Yeah, I’m in one of those moods! 😛

Update on the post office. Went to a local office and fixed the forwarding order from my old house in California, so hopefully that works. They couldn’t help me with the forwarding issues FROM Texas, and suggested I contact Frisco again. So I did…..they said THEY HAD NO RECORD OF THE FORWARDING ORDER!!!!! Yes, you might remember me mentioning last week that they CONFIRMED OUR FORWARDING ORDER and suggested there was an issue on the California end. Dun dun dun. You’d be proud, there was no “going postal” or cussing. In any case, I am sending in updated orders tomorrow. Sigh.

While I am excited to be in my MBA program, the first class has been…..well…..kind of a waste of my time. The book is outdates, the material is not new to me, and the teacher is VERY nice, but well……not that great of a teacher. I technically have 1 1/2 more weeks but am anxious for it to be over. I have heard the next class I am taking will be very different.

I am feeling better – covered that – but I think that I haven’t shared about my ear. As an adult, I have had several ear infections in both ears, but more so in my left ear. Years and years ago I had such a bad one, my eardrum burst. It was very painful, as you can imagine. Anyway, about six months ago I noticed that I had a harder time hearing from my left ear – nothing dramatic, but I would use my right ear on the phone or, if I were laying down watching TV, I would need to make sure my right ear was not covered. I went to see a specialist and he said it could be any factor of things – scar tissue, nerve damage etc.

So I went for a hearing test last week. It was determined that my left ear DID have hearing loss (nerve related) where I had lost high end hearing. It’s not bad enough to need a hearing aid or anything, but it is advanced enough to notice the difference between my ears and I find myself turning my “good” ear often. So, yeah, I need to be careful of loud music in the car! 😉 And I need to be careful when banging on my drums!

So that’s about it for me right now. If I think of something else, I will let you know!

2 thoughts on “Update on poo poo and other messes

  1. That’s useful information to have – now I’ll know which side to call you Poop Face on. 🙂 Love ya, Gina. I think my training is almost complete.

  2. Is this why you ignore half of what everyone says? LOL

    I hope that you enjoyed your youthful days with Iron Maiden blaring! Well, truth is you can still blare it, but you may need to mess with the balance!

    I hope your poo poo with the post office gets cleared up soon!

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