Life is……Amazing

The title has two connotations – it’s enthralling, and surprising. I will focus on the surprising part first.


It’s bad enough when you realize at some point – or maybe after several “points” – that there are aspects in your life that aren’t as they seem. Like your reflection in the mirror doesn’t match how you see yourself, or the age on your license doesn’t match how you feel. In my case, today has been surprising in that I knew someone who acted completely different than I expected. And for that, my heart is breaking. I am sorry that I am being exposed to a side I never knew, and I am sorry that the side even exists. Life is sometimes…..surprising.


But my life is not measured in sadness alone. Today, on the eve of Easter, I am reminded that I have a life in Christ, who died for me on the cross. I have a new life that is apart from the drama, the pain, the day-to-day gunk that sometimes takes my focus and energy. I can lean on Him when storms rage or when the sea is calm. I can rejoice that the entire world can turn against me, yet He remains. His creation surrounds me and comforts me, and I find it…….AMAZING.

May you also find this peace in Jesus Christ. I highly recommend it!

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