Words have the power to uplift and the power to destroy.  Anger, in response to destructive words, never make things better.  Human qualities are so WOEFUL and PATHETIC.

So what am I most sad/angry about?  The actions of others or those of myself?  How much should I own and how much is based on a lie that seems to spread more quickly than fire?  Why do people find it easier to believe in dramatic nonsense than things based on fact?  Facts, I guess, are too boring.  Why can whole lives be crumbled to nothing in one brief moment – one brief collection of words?  And why does the kiss of death touch so many people that really shouldn’t even be involved?

Yet how can I measure my response to the crap that surrounds me?  Did I act with wisdom?  With humility?  With honor?  And if I answer no to any of these, does that make the lie become the truth?  I would hope not, but am finding out that my humanness, perhaps even my very emotions, are now being used to validate words that really have no merit.  And that is much worse than the lie itself.

So again, what should I own?  I can own that I made bad choices, that I altered my gut by making bad decisions.  That I reacted to words in a way that was  inappropriate.  I reacted and was not prudent.  I used language that I am not proud of.  Yet I am not completely guilty.  I do not accept that my lack of wisdom or bad decisions in the past automatically mean I am guilty of everything I might be accused of.  And yet, that’s where I am today.


One thought on “Words

  1. Wow, sorry this is happening.

    Words definitely hurt, especially if they are lies. And then it’s even more painful if we do something rash that we later regret that seems to make those lies valid.

    The only solution I know of? Look to the cross; flee to Christ. He did nothing to deserve anything, yet endured far more shame and humiliation than we can imagine. He also, despite the idiotic things we do, loved us enough to endure that shame and humiliation for us. For you. What other hope or comfort is there, really? I can’t think of any. Anything else is a temporary, ultimately worthless bandaid.

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