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Many of you – especially the ones who WORK with me – know that I don’t really like Mondays. I am a little cranky on Mondays. I whine a lot and grumble. But, today is TUESDAY!

So what does that mean? Today I go to work and we present loans to our committee. Could be good, could be bad. I used to have Taco Tuesday lunches, but that has changed I am sure, as many things are different now. I will probably have worship practice after work and will look forward to playing the drums, but not be too excited about getting to work at 7:30 the following morning to play for staff meeting. I think I watch American Idol on Tuesdays.

So, hence, this blog shows you how very BORING my Tuesdays are! Maybe I should place them in the same place as Mondays?

Last night was awesome, for a Monday! My friend and her boyfriend made a SUPERB dinner for me and invited my kids! So I had a few friends and my kids and nothing could make me more happy! We played Guitar Hero – where Kirstie has mad skills! She taught us a few things. Us old folks tried to play expert a few times and survived, but not very well. And the boys did very well, too! Josh actually beat some of us!!!! Kenny is cool too – he is more low key as he’s almost 13 and has to be cool, but he rocked, too. Josh also taught us how to do that Soldier Boy dance and we looked VERY hip, I am sure. Except we couldn’t really pull off the gangster faces. LOL

The night, even for a Monday, was WONDERFUL! I have to focus on the parts that bless me and ignore the day they fall on I guess!

Kenny was doodling last night and when I walked up he hid the paper he had. I asked what it was and this is what he had written (although he said it was for him and not for me to see….):

“Mom & Dad are the greatest parents I could ever have. I would die if they were not my parents. They are truly the greatest parents in the WORLD.”

I know it was self serving to post that note here, but some of you know where Kenny is coming from and how much that note blessed me – not only for the words, but for what they represent!

So that, my friends, is what I have to focus on TODAY! TUESDAY!

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