This week at school a large portion of the curriculum is covering the decision process and how to make better decisions at work. One assignment I had was to write about one of the toughest decision I had to make at work. Writing about it has made me analyze myself a bit – I know that sounds out of the ordinary, huh? LOL, right.

You know, sometimes we all have to make decisions that maybe turn out to be not the best outcome for ourselves. Like me – I had to decide to be honest and forthright and, some would say, the outcome kind of sucked for me……as I didn’t get what I really wanted. On the surface, that is true – honesty can certainly mess things up. There are days when I look back and think, “if only this didn’t happen or that didn’t happen….”, but what is the point of that, really? What happened, happened, and I made a decision based on the information I knew at the time.

What is MORE important to me is this – being open and honest always works out for me. While the CURRENT outcome may not be what I had hoped it to be, I know that ultimately my life will benefit from it. For example, I know I can look myself in the mirror and know I didn’t do anything that I even hint at being ashamed about. I can walk with my shoulders high, knowing my reputation and my words can be trusted. Add in my faith in Christ, who is way more faithful than I am, and I cannot really lose, can I?

But, alas, life has a residue of its own, doesn’t it? My decision put into motion other decisions that are out of my control. These decisions affect me today even as I type, and that’s fine. Sometimes these decisions are not very fair – some are even totally off the mark, actually – but that does not diminish the quality of my initial decision. This revelation has been huge for me, as, when I am at my lowest, it is easy to blame myself for making my decision in the first place. But that is erroneous thinking! I did the right thing and I cannot carry the burden for stupid words, decisions, or actions that occur today that are out of my control.

And, on that note, I will NOT be a victim of any current crap that surrounds me! I have not changed, I am the same person I was before with the same work ethics, output, knowledge, and love for what I do – although maybe I’m a tad bit wiser. I will continue to be honest, to look myself in the mirror, and really try to rise above the words and people around me who have their own ideas and opinions of me and my work. While some of these opinions can truly affect my job, I won’t focus on them too much unless they become more official. In fact, I’ve asked for a more detailed description in some cases as ambiguous negatives were spoken to me. So, I think it’s cool and I will focus on the truth and ask others who are pretty smart for feedback, etc.

Oops, but I am getting off track!

Honesty, therefore, is never wrong. Decisions based on honesty and openness, should not be avoided, even if they’re hard to make. Focus more on the long term instead of the short term, get input from people you trust who are not “yes people”, and rely heavily of the Holy Spirit……those are my suggestions when making decisions!

Gina, Analyst of Thoughts, is out

February 1st – An Amazing Day!!!!

Friday, February 1st, 2008 started out to be an okay, usual day; it was Friday, payday, and the weekend was right around the corner. Work was a little hectic, but not overwhelming. I was feeling a bit better physically too.

Then, at lunch I received a call from a strange number, one that I didn’t recognize. I decided not to answer the phone – if it was important, they would leave a message. A few minutes later, Deana’s cell phone rang and it was Michael. As we just arrived at work, I said goodbye to Deana and Sophia and jumped out of the car. Moments after arriving at my desk, however, Deana called me and said I missed a really good call and I needed to call Michael. I assumed he had enrolled in school or got promoted at work, so I called him right away.

He answered and we had small chat for a few seconds, and then he said, “Josh needs to talk to you.” That was different, so I quickly figured he finally lost his first tooth and was excited to share it with me.

Here is a reenactment of our conversation:

G: Hey Josh!
J: Hey Mom, guess what????
G: What?!?!?!!?
J: I got saved today!!!


G: What? You got saved today?!?!!?!
J: Yeah! Jesus is in my heart!
G: That’s awesome! Tell me all about it!
J: Well today Michael reminded me that Jesus died on the cross to pay for all my sins and that I could ask him into my heart and he would be with me forever and I could live with Jesus and God in heaven and Jesus will be with me always and make me feel safe and take care of me. So we prayed and Jesus came into my heart! And Mom, I am so excited! (He said this last part numerous times)

Josh, who is more outgoing than I thought he would be, is still not overly expressive. When he was talking he really WAS excited…..more than I’ve ever heard before! We talked some more about this and I shared how this was a wonderful day for him and for me, etc. He then said:

J: Hey Mom, now you’re my sister! (giggle)

I rejoice in this amazing blessing and am totally amazed at how God is so faithful! I talked to Michael, who said he just felt like he should start talking to Josh today – I am thankful that Mike responded to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Kenny, who also accepted Christ when he was 7 – has really had a burden for his little brother and has prayed for him and talked to him about Christ. He was VERY excited to hear Josh has accepted Christ as his own personal Lord and Savior.

Throughout the day, Stepha said Josh kept saying, “I can’t believe Jesus saved me today!”

He truly seems different……and I am so blessed and amazed and humbled and……thankful!

Josh will be calling people today to share the news too!