Addiction is Alive and Well

People have been addicted to alcohol, drugs, illicit behavior……many things! I have fallen into the trap of addiction and I have heard the first step is admitting you have a problem. So, here it is:


It started slowly, this addiction. I would play on weekends with friends, known as “girl’s night out” etc. We would throw in Sing Star and Dance Dance Revolution for good measure. But slowly, ever slowly, the call of the guitar began rumbling in the core of my mind. Now, I have been known to stay up until 3am trying to unlock another song or get that solo on hard level down! It doesn’t help that my friends are as addicted as I am – and yes, I was not alone in the early morning “studio recording” session!

Today, we vowed to hide the guitars and go on with our lives – we would NOT be ruled by this addiction. But we took a small “toke” on it earlier…….but we fought it and now I am over here blogging about it!

Yes, I am addicted!

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