Fridays are good, better this week?

Last week I was a little down or something on Friday. Today, I am not down, but have been fighting a cold all week. (Get out your miniature violins…..). First it was a horrible soar throat. Then the pain overcame me to where I didn’t even want to talk (a serious side effect!). Then I started getting congested. Then, my throat felt better, but my voice went away. Then the pillow in my head got thicker. Then, last night, it moved to my chest. Every time I laid down to sleep, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. So half of the night I attempted to sleep sitting up on the couch. Yeah, you guessed it, I didn’t sleep well.

Now I have a cough and it doesn’t feel pleasant. I hope it’s just because I just woke up. Yes, I did sleep – from about 5:30 this morning until I turned off the alarm at 6 and then woke with a start at 7!

I have a big presentation at work today, so I am hoping I can at least talk!


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