Return of the "Quotes of the Week"

I will try to remember as many funny quotes for the week!

Interchange with Deana and Sophia at McDonald’s:

S: Mom, I am going to hide in the trash can!
D: Ew! If you do, french fries will go up your nose!
S: NO! That is not good. That’s where my boogers live!

Sophia to Gina, her mentor:

Occasion #1:
S: What’s your problem?

Occasion #2:
S: Don’t mess with me!

Rona: I always say something funny, so that’s why you can’t remember anything.

Rona: It always sounds funnier when I say it. Why do you always mess it up so much? Maybe you’re not that funny.

Deana: Excuse me, I am a Mexican and Mexicans like that kind of music.

Zack: Geena, I MISSSSSS you!

Josh: Mom, I read a book with 169 pages!

That’s all I remember right now!

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO RONA, who is celebrating a birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONA!

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