3/29 9:00am Russian Time

Deana and I are commenting on how surreal this experience has been! We have gotten into our routine here in the hotel with the children – wake up, potty, get dressed, go to the café for breakfast, come back, watch TV and interact, go outside to play, come back, dinner in the restaurant, baths, bedtime.

Except today, Zack begged to take a bath and Sophia concurred, so right now they are in there having the time of their lives together! This bath experience is so different than what they are used to – they would be hosed off in the tub and not everyday. So they are really enjoying the bubbles and the warm water. This is the first time they’ve bathed together and they are really having fun with each other. They DO get a little overly excited at times and I hear Deana telling them to sit, but overall they are being very good.

So, back to my first comment – this is still very surreal!

Our “friends”, the couple from South Carolina, go to court today at 11am Russian time for their daughter. I am praying that it goes well for them. This is different from their first experience when they adopted their son – that time, only the father could speak. NN is very women driven – most officials seem to be women. So the wife was a little nervous because you have to name all your siblings, all their children, including their ages. While Deana had a very hard time with this and even stumbled a bit, this couple has like 28 nephews and nieces! I pray that it goes well for them.

We also met another couple this morning – we saw them in the café and then Deana met them in the lobby. They are adopting a 1 and 2 year old (not sure of gender) and are also going to court this morning. Deana was able to give them some advice about not feeding the kids too much food even though it seems like the right thing to do. We learned that the hard way! Zack and Sophia are doing better in that area and were able to eat some cereal this morning, which was especially exciting for Zack. They are also already learning that water is our friend (as my boys have already learned!).

One interesting thing – I have mentioned to several others, including Anastasia the translator, that I need to fight the urge to speak Spanish to the children. Every single one of them were amazed that I speak Spanish (although I told them I speak very little). All assumed it was because I live in Southern California, which seemed to be a logical explanation for all of them. Wow, I’ve never even thought about that! It just seems so natural that, when you learn another language, you choose either Spanish or French. Those were the two that were prominent when I was growing up. But I guess that is not the case in other parts of our country, huh??? Como no!

Zack is funny though – during the night when we can’t sleep, Deana and have our “fourth meal”, although really we haven’t eaten on schedule (especially Deana). We eat fig newtons or maybe some chips. This morning Zack saw the evidence – the empty packages – and wanted some of his own! He cracks me up! I will have to do a better job of hiding the packaging!!!!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am amazed and how very much they have stolen my heart! I am completely their slaves, heart and soul. I would die for these children and I am so thankful that I can see them blossom under the love and care that Deana is giving to them. I pray for the day when they meet Christ as their own Savior and walk in His light. I look forward to them growing and learning – becoming accomplished young people that know they are loved completely by their mother and extended family and friends. I look forward to the day when we reminisce about this trip – looking over the pictures and videos with smiles and amazement. Zack and Sophia have changed my life completely and I am a better person for it!

Okay, I have been multi-taking while writing (helping with bath time, doing homework, sending emails, answering the phone, sending laundry, playing with the kids, and otherwise being the silly one that I am) so it is now 10:15am Russian time. I pray that you have a wonderful day (or night, as the case may be). Thanks for reading this blog and continuing to pray for Deana!

3 thoughts on “3/29 9:00am Russian Time

  1. Hey Gina, thanks for the wonderful postings of Deana’s milestone of becoming a mother. I have enjoyed reading your’s and Deana’s blogs. The children are beautiful! I look forward to reading more in the near future.


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