A Post about Nothing

I almost feel like Seinfeld!

Just to warn you, this post might feel like I am complaining or sad – but I don’t feel these emotions!

Today is a strange day for me. This is the first weekend in YEARS when I don’t have any homework! I woke up at almost nine am (hallelujah!), made coffee, got my computer out, and……well…….wondered what to do! Usually, I go over the “projects” I created for the multiple classes I had to determine the order of homework I would do, or get my mind focused on the essay I was in the middle of, etc. THIS NEED IS NOW GONE and it feels a little weird! So, instead I am putzing around the internet, drinking my coffee, sending emails to friends, reading blogs……pretty much nothing! And it feels WEIRD!

It’s rainng today so I don’t feel anxious to get out and about. Maybe since I’ve been sick today will be a day of laziness. Staying home in sweats, watching more episodes of 24 Season 2, maybe reading a bit more FOR FUN, and not much else. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a lazy day like that. Maybe my body needs it today and therefore makes it okay.

I DON’T like being so alone, though. I wish I could have my family here to share this new part of my life. It is kind of strange to be sitting in an empty house with no need to even vocalize……strange, but again – maybe good for me today. No pressure to interact, no need to be goofy. So it is what it is.

So on a serious note – there is an ongoing debate amongst a few of my friends – perhaps YOU can be a part of the debate as well! Some suggest I should begin the process of getting my MBA. Others insist I am better wired to get a law degree. In fact, one friend (who shall remain nameless) has already suggested I begin studying for the LSAT! (Hello, let me have a WEEKEND! LOL!) Actually, both sound interesting and – truth be known – I want to get into something before my student loans come of deferment! LOL So feel free to post a comment and let me know your thoughts as well!

It seems strange that we’re already in October! Pretty soon the fall will be here “officially” (I say that because Deana already lit her pumpkin candle, which is a fall thing). But I like the fall, and I like Thanksgiving so much, and Christmas is always a blessing……it’s just weird. Oh, and then there’s my 40th birthday – looming its ugly head so scandalously……..sigh.

Okay, that’s all I got!

6 thoughts on “A Post about Nothing

  1. first of all you woke at 9AM!!!!

    pshhhh at 9 i had already been up for 3 1/2 hours and working for 2 1/2 hours

    2nd since your alone…think of it as you being able to blast the music loud and yelling (although that might P.O. your annoying neighbor lady….)

  2. Okay so I vote for the LSAT, but I really vote for you to do what you feel the Lord is leading you to do.

    By the way I saw the most awesome house today…!!!!

    Miss you and wish you were here with us. We are praying that you get out here soon! Enjoy the quiet while it lasts cuz there is no such thing as quiet here!!!!

  3. Okay, on a very selfish note, I don’t think anyone should have to do more school. But, if you want to, you should. If you become an attorney, can I keep you on retainer? There’s always those random moments when, say, the doctor’s office won’t send you a refund after the insurance company paid them and a well-placed call from “legal counsel” gets things expidited. 🙂

    Don’t worry, by the time you get to work on Monday you’ll be wishing for quiet and free time back.

  4. MBA are a dime a dozen and a waste of time and energy. Business smarts is intuition and who needs a degree for that? A lot of people who have MBA’s aren’t always that business savvy nor are they good leaders. So pick what you see yourself doing but don’t waste your money or time on an MBA.

  5. I agree with anonymous that an MBA could be a waste of time if you already have a BS in Business or a background of the sort but for me it was one of the best things I ever did. I had a technical background, Medical Technology (certified technologist performing laboratory testing, I specialized in Oncology)I went for an MBA at Pepperdine and it open so many opportunities for me, my salary has doubled in 5 years and growing. The key is to combine two fields and create a niche.

    Yes, it is weird feeling to not have any homework! And right away you are thinking I got to get back to school. For me it passed and now with Kristina at home I would not even dream about spending more time on it….ughhh never thought I would say that. I love school; I guess I love my Kriska even more than reaching for higher goals of my own…double ughhh. Ok may be is because of her age that I feel she needs me, may be I can go back…got to go! I have some thinking to do.

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