Quotes of the Week

Okay, not much to say this week, but I am trying my best!

“I am easy.” Jim U.

“Auntie Geen! Get in your car and come to Texas! I miss you!” Sophia

“Does it hurt?” Stepha questioning me as I got my newest tattoo. The answer was YES!

“…the Wizard needs some agents. He requires a few generals. In the long run. Some people with managing skills. Some people with gumption. In a word, women.” Madame Morrible, from Wicked (the novel)

Exchange with Rona and Gina in a taxi in Vegas as a song by Justin Timberlake is playing:
G: Shhhhh! Stop talking! Do you NOT know who this is?
R: Yes, I know who it is and he is NOT dating you! (or some such nonsense, at which point the taxi driver starts busting up. grrrrr!)

“Don’t be sick Friday. Don’t be sick Friday.” Liz, who is capable of being nice on occasion…..seriously!

“Oh no!!!!” Wanda, who sent a joke email to the wrong Mark…..

That’s all I have this week peeps!

3 thoughts on “Quotes of the Week

  1. I can vouch for the fact that Liz vaguely implied a naughty word in something she said last week.

    My poor psyche is so scandalized!

  2. You totally messed up the Justin Timberlake quote. It went like this:
    G: “Have some respect, don’t you know who Justin Timberlake is?!!”
    R: “Yes, he’s some guy who’s not dating you!”


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