Raining Days and Mondays

The above picture was taken by my friend, Gregg, who is apparently not scared of sharks!

Sharks represent a good symbol for Mondays! Mondays are intimidating, intense, and something you really don’t want to see when you’re going about your day!

So this morning I am chatting online with Deana and she is telling me there is this horrible storm in Texas, rain pouring down very hard, thunder and lightning abound, but “she is not scared”. I start getting ready for work and think, “I better dress warm because it’s raining.” Then I get sad because, yes, it’s Monday AND raining. So I begin to hate the day even more and whine about having to work and look at Lady and think “why can’t I stay home with you?” and then kick myself for being a wimp. I get my sweater out (don’t want to get rained on) and then I realize – I AM NOT IN TEXAS, DUH! Slight consolation was that is WAS misting outside. But aren’t I a dork!

This picture better reflects what I’d rather be doing – singing psychedelic songs with mi amigas.

So, it wasn’t too bad of a day really. Got some work done, finished reading Wicked (which is not much to do with the stage musical!), and came home to this blog. Yep, the lifestyles of the rich and famous!

Have a great night!

5 thoughts on “Raining Days and Mondays

  1. Okay, was Gregg next to the shark or, like, behind glass?

    Monday was blah, as most Mondays are. You tricked me in trivia which means I need to concentrate extra hard tomorrow.

    Maybe Tuesday will be better!

    Number 1, by the way.

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