May 10th……

Sorry to those of you who have been waiting for an update – my intentions are good but I’ve heard something about that not being enough…….

Yesterday was Kenny’s 12th birthday – it’s amazing how 12 years can take so long to go by, yet seem like a blur. The day started quite differently than any other day…..Kenny and I went in the jacuzzi at about 5:20am. Sounds crazy! This all started because I was unable to swim with everyone on the 9th (the birthday celebration day) because of homework. SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless but has two adorable kids named Zack and Sophia) suggested Kenny request I go swimming with him the next morning. I agreed but didn’t think Kenny would actually wake up……WRONG!

The funny thing is, we had a BLAST in the jacuzzi! It was quiet, we watched the morning light get brighter as we sat out there, and we had some awesome one-on-one time. We talked about when I was pregnant with Kenny, his birth, how crazy he was as a baby, things I remembered over the past 12 years…….it was just a real blessing to have this time with Kenny. I think I will remember this moment for years to come, and I hope Kenny does too.

Some memories of Kenny:

  • For background, when Kirstie was born she SCREAMED a cry that pretty much was heard around the world. However, when Kenny was born he had this tiny little cry that you could barely hear. I was like, “what is wrong with him?” but he was okay, just quiet!
  • Kenny’s first huge memorial event – the first diaper change at home…..he “baptized” his dad and Kirstie and it was so funny! (I, however, was spared – for which I still thank him today!)
  • Kenny had no fear when he was a baby – even before he could walk, he would be an “extreme crawler”. This often sent waves of fear through his mother, who had to begin dying her hair due to the gray streaks he caused.
  • Kenny’s lack of fear only became worse when he grew older – mister “climbing machine” was found in many precarious positions over the years……dangling over the side of his crib, always at the highest point of the furniture in the room, etc.
  • Kenny’s hair is SOOOOOO curly, that I would pull one of his curls and it would come out like 7 to 8 inches! When I would wash his hair, it would go to the middle of his back! However, when it was dry it was very short due to the curls. (That is one of the reasons he has very short hair now, because he told me at about 4 years old that “curls are for girls”. I am not sure he still has this very curly hair, but imagine that would be the case!)
  • Most of all, I love Kenny’s heart. He’s always been very caring, loving, and respectful. He used to cuddle with me so much and run his fingers through my hair (which he insisted I could not cut). He has backed off from that a little but he’s still sweet!

I will try to write more memories later!

Kenny’s celebration was AWESOME! Deana and Steph took the kids to Disneyland, then we had a Jurassic Party for him – yep, reptiles at 6428! I will post pics soon and elaborate, but check out Deana’s blog for more info on that!

Gina out!

One thought on “May 10th……

  1. I love the special times with my parents celebrating my birthday. I’m sure Kenny won’t forget the time you guys spent so early in the morning. Sounds like a great way to spend a birthday.

    Jen T.

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