Gracie and other news

It’s been a few days since I posted because it’s been busy here with my new baby!  Gracie has done extremely well – she is very loving and smart.  The reactions to my comment about me not seeing the chihuahua in her are about 50/50 – some totally see it (even with one good eye!) and others don’t see it either.  The vet told me, when I took her in for a check up to make sure she was healthy – told me he thought she was mixed with some sort of terrier breed.  He also said she was very healthy and the perfect dogs for kids.  The boys were with me when we went and they were happy to hear that!  They LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

Rona and Sofie returned Saturday and they have been doing well.  There have been a few tense moments as they both jockey for the alpha position, but overall it’s been good.

Oh!  I finished my four weeks of boot camp!  Friday we did another times mile – I was apprehensive because I’ve hurt my left calf and running is very difficult for me.  I was concerned that I would not be able to finish or that my time would be very bad.  But, if you know me, you know I am very stubborn and decided to run as much as I could through the pain.  I was disappointed that I didn’t do better, but I still ended up cutting some time off.

First lap 4:03, second lap 4:02, final lap 3:53 for a totally time of 11:58, down from 12:21.  Oh, and when I first did push ups I could only do 6 without stopping.  I ended up doing 16 this time…..I think I could have done more but I got bored.  🙂  I go for my post evaluation on Thursday and will let you know the outcome.

Tonight I am leaving for New York City!  My friend Cathy is a huge Bon Jovi fan (and I am not exaggerating!) and invited me to go to TWO concerts out there!  I guess the tour is ending and they will probably not tour again for a couple years.  So she invited me!  She flew out Friday as there was a free concert yesterday in Central Park.  Originally I couldn’t go because I had motorcycle lessons this weekend, but they had to be rescheduled to Sept.  ANYWAY, I leave tonight on a red eye and arrive Monday morning.  The concert Monday night we have front row tickets!  And then the concert Tuesday night we are in the 8th row.  It should be very fun!  I am also excited because I’ve only been to NYC once, when I used to work for ADP.  I was in New Jersey for training and a coworker took me driving around one night.  I was able to go into the Twin Towers, the subway, etc.  But it was only for a few hours.  So this should be exciting to be there through Wednesday.  We are staying at the Trump Towers and that is AWESOME!  So I will take pics and let you know how it does!

Kids are doing great.  I am doing pretty good!  That’s all for now!

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