Shame on WB!

But I forgave her because she got me a flashlight that looks like a cow and moos. Pic to follow.
But here is why I put her friendship on probation, I received the following email:
I hope this never happens to 9803
I have been tramatized, but remember I forgave her today.

7 thoughts on “Shame on WB!

  1. You should bond with my daughter Chelsea. When she was very small (about 4 years old) we went to Oregon to visit my granparents. Their backyard had a wire fence that seperated them from a cow field like you have described. She took her little plastic chair and a book outside to the wire fence and proceeded to read stories to the cows. I have a photo if you would ever like to see it.

  2. Well, you can take joy in knowing that if your cow dies it won’t be for your cheeseburger – that will take the lives of 100 cows!!!!!!!!!!!

    YUCK! I should be a vegetarian like RONA!

    BTW – I love your moo moos! (not your dresses, but your cows)

  3. haha. gina you should ask if you could adopt the cow, and put it in your back yard. your neighbors will sure be happy about that one =D

  4. ok gina. its time to update women! i have nothing to read in computer class!! I ACTULLY HAVE TO WORK! hahahahha.

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