The world is changing!!!!!

Well, as anyone who REALLY knows me can attest, I am a geek. I LOVE technology very much. I don’t like to shop much (“you’re going to the mall? I think I will stay home……”), TV only has a few good shows…….but tell me you’re going to Best Buy or talk about the latest SmartPhone and I am WAY interested! I chomp at the bit to get the latest and greatest technology and I enjoy learning about all the new bells and whistles.

One thing I should point out, though, is that I’ve been a Windows or PC person my entire life. I know what I am doing when I use PCs – I can set up networks, can troubleshoot, am pretty savvy or know who to call if I can’t figure something out. I am a Nerd with a capital N!

I should also mention I have been loyal to PCs – when others would tell me that Macs were way superior or some such nonsense, I would set them straight. I would point out all the things I knew or did or just ignored them.

Not saying that PCs have changed……but I have!

You see, I did a crazy thing on Friday. I went to the Brea Mall (this kind of ticked off Deana, who usually loves to go there and I never want to go…..), went to the Apple Store, and ended up buying a MacBook Pro (which is a laptop). SHOCK! Yes, you heard me right! It was a little impulsive, much out of character, and might not have happened if I had been able to reach Deana on the cell (as she is often my voice of reason). But I bought it and, well, I think I am now a Mac person!

No, I am not going to hate PCs and I am not going to diss them (well, at least not yet!). But I have to tell you, this Mac is so freaking easy to use, set itself up for most things like my Yahoo! pop mail account, my home network, and such. I also purchased Office for Mac and let me just say…..Entourage – the version of Outlook for Mac – is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! It has things that I would only DREAM about in Outlook, especially the Project Center! Wow.

But best of all, the “cheap” DVD and Movie programs (well, you know, the ones that come with the computer) are SO FREAKING AMAZING! For a DVD I was trying to generate last week, I did in 5 minutes what I was trying to do before and the outcome is so much superior! It is amazing and now I want to go crazy with that stuff!

Okay, I know I am a nerd. I know I am weird. We’ve established that! But this is a very new concept for me and I wanted to share. I remember reading my friend Tony’s blog a year or so ago and he said similar things about his new Mac and I rolled my eyes a bit……but he was right! Oh, and I forgot to mention – this baby boots up so fast because there is NO VIRUS SCANS!!!!

Pete, thanks for convincing me to check this out……I think I love you! 🙂

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