Update again!

Hello everyone (or at least, my 2.78 readers!). Here are some quick updates:

1) Finger is doing much better. Once the swelling went down, it hurt much less. It’s still very tender and my knuckle still hurts, but I am managing quite well.

2) I finished my Sociology class, which frees up my Mondays (for now) and reduces my homework. Oh, and I received an A!

3) I finished my online Astronomy class (thank you Jesus!). This class was very hard for me, including the Calculus calculations and required memorization – LOTS of homework! But I got a B on my final and probably will get a B in the class. Even if I get a C, that is enough for credit for Biola.

My Management class is still very homework heavy – I should be doing it right now in fact! – but with a bit more free time after finishing two classes I don’t feel as overwhelmed. At least there are only three more classes for this!

My Ethics class, which goes through the end of June, is also keeping me busy, but I think it will be a good busy.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement during this “Gina has no life” phase!!!!

One thought on “Update again!

  1. You may not feel you have much of a life right now but I can tell you this, we can still laugh. I am having so much fun at work lately and a HUGE part of that is you. RF

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